Best TCM Tip for Fertility: Nourish the soil before you plant the seed

Best TCM Tip for Fertility: Nourish the soil before you plant the seed

Author: Dr. Maryam Mahanian, DTCM, RAc

Best TCM Tip for Fertility: Nourish the soil before you plant the seed

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offers great wisdom in the area of reproductive health and fertility. One of the best ways to explain how TCM prepares the body for conception and carrying a healthy baby to term, is the analogy of nourishing the soil before planting the seed. 

In the realm of fertility, TCM guides us to nurture the soil meticulously before planting the seeds of new life. By attending to the foundational aspects of reproductive health, we create a fertile ground that enhances the chances of conception and supports the growth of a healthy pregnancy. As we navigate the path toward parenthood, let us embrace the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, sowing the seeds of fertility in soil enriched with balance, harmony, and the vitality needed for the beautiful journey ahead.

At least three to four months (100 days to be exact) prior to trying to conceive is a crucial time to get your body prepared for a healthy pregnancy. The reason is that it takes 100 days for the follicle to mature and develop before it’s ready to be released (ovulation). During this time, the work that we do for our physical and emotional well-being will allow for better egg quality. A higher quality egg means a better chance at conception and a healthier baby overall. Hormone levels and your overall health during this time play a vital role in developing a rich thick uterine lining receptive to future implantation of the embryo.

Long before planting a seed, gardeners understand the importance of preparing, tilling, and fertilizing the soil. The nutrients in the soil not only support the development of the plant but also nourishment to the plant throughout its whole life cycle. If you have ever had a plant that was neglected, you know that with a little bit of care you can bring the plant back to life. Some water, exposure to sufficient sunlight, and fertilizer brings dramatic changes to the plant. You don’t have to change the roots of the plant because the plant itself has the potential to grow and bear fruits and flowers. It was just the soil and the environment of the plant that had to be nourished and tended to bring forth fruits and flowers. 

This is the same for the health of our reproductive system. Nourishing the body with a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle,and reducing stress and emotional tension are some important ways of nourishing the soil before we plant the seed. 

With my fertility patients, weekly acupuncture visits and customized Chinese herbal medicine to bring balance to their hormones, calm the nervous system, and improve blood flow is key in the process of nourishing the soil. But what you can do to nourish the soil goes beyond the TCM clinic. Your diet, lifestyle, supplements, mindset, and emotional well being all contribute to creating a fertile environment ready for growth of new life. You can start right now. 

If you are planning to undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), you can still use this principle. Start your TCM visits and self-care practices at least three months prior to the start of your IVF cycle.
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