Online Assessment of Immune Health

Understanding your immune health is crucial to maintaining overall well-being and preventing illness. This specially designed assessment is rooted in the wisdom of Chinese medicine and offers a unique perspective on assessing and enhancing your body’s defense system. You will determine the health of your immune system, your individual immune type, and you will receive actionable advice on strengthening your immune system proactively. 

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Online Assessment of Immune Health
How Healthy is Your Immune System?

Assessment of Immune Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes a customized approach to medicine and its treatments are tailored to the individual. Herbal medicine, acupuncture and acupressure protocols, and diet and lifestyle recommendations will be different depending on your constitution.

TCM diagnosis identifies patterns of disharmony that can affect the immune system. Each pattern is associated with specific symptoms and imbalances that require personalized treatment approaches to restore harmony.

When it comes to your immune health, recommendations are based on which immune type you fall into.   Take this complimentary online assessment to determine the health of your immune system, your individual immune type, and get customized diet and lifestyle recommendations.

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