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Online Female Fertility Assessment

Understanding your fertility health is essential for those looking to conceive or simply maintain reproductive well-being. This expertly designed quiz, based on the principles of Chinese Medicine, provides valuable insights into your fertility health and helps identify areas for improvement. Take this 8-minute female fertility assessment to identify your unique needs and imbalances and take informed steps to boost your fertility and support your journey towards conception.


Female Fertility Assessment
What's Your Fertility Type?

Chinese medicine does not take a one size fits all approach.​  Chinese medicine treatments are tailored to the individual person. This means that herbal medicine, acupuncture points chosen, acupressure protocols and dietary and lifestyle advice is all based on which fertility type you fall under.

TCM diagnosis involves identifying specific patterns of disharmony that may be affecting the reproductive system.  By understanding the underlying pattern, TCM practitioners can tailor treatments to address the root cause of the reproductive issues.

In most cases, you will fall into more than one fertility type category. This online assessment will reveal your top two fertility patterns and provide you with customized tips to get you started on your path to motherhood.

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