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This course was definitely a great experience! The possibility of listening carefully to all your advice and pausing it and going back to it was very useful! Also great job on the pdf resource. It's nice to have it as a quick refreshing summary. I have the tools now and now I need to keep pushing myself to use them! God Bless You Dr. Maryam.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dr Maryam, Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn from you in this [Boost Your Immune System] program. I am delighted about the recipes and the videos of the acupressure techniques and I took notes! I am impressed with all that I have learned and your manner is delightful. Thank you so much for all your work and kindnesses to the community.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thank you Dr. Maryam for such an informative [Boost Your Immune System] course. My favourite part, which I have been implementing in my daily routine, is doing the self therapy of massaging the acupuncture points you showed on myself. I find doing those points before bed help me even sleep so much better. I really appreciate your providing us with all these practical resources to improve our lives. Thank you.


North Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Dear Dr. Maryam, Thank you for your immunity course. I was so impressed with the material you presented and with the quality of your presentation. I hadn't expected the videos to be so comprehensive, offering so much".


North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Amazing Doctor! Dr. Maryam is a kind, wonderful, caring and compassionate doctor. She is patient, thorough and a great listener. She has helped me with a myriad of issues over the years and her treatments have always given me tremendous relief and a greater sense of wellbeing. I thank my lucky stars to be in the care of such an exceptional highly skilled acupuncturist. I look forward to my visits and feel very blessed and grateful to have her as my Doctor. I highly recommend her.


North Vancouver, BC, Canada

A Wonderful Practitioner! Maryam is a colleague that I go to for acupuncture and also refer patients to when I am away from my own clinic. She has a kind heart, listening ear and great skill with acupuncture needles. I have been seeing her regularly for several years to help maintain great health, relaxed neck & shoulders, improved sleep and digestion. I am so fortunate that our paths crossed and I met this wonder practitioner Maryam.


North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dear Dr. Maryam, As always, your treatment was amazing. Two hours after my appointment, and I am starting to feel the signs of ovulation! Thank you so much for all your care and expertise, I am blessed have my health in such good hands.

K.P. (Age 35)

North Vancouver, BC, Canada

A Caring Physician Dr. Maryam is a gentle, soft spoken, sincere and dedicated doctor who cares about your well being. After taking copious notes about your physical condition, she suggests a treatment of herbs, acupuncture or cupping depending on what you may be suffering from. Her acupuncture technique is more refined than most and not so aggressive which leaves one at peace with the process. Combined with soft music and gentle aromatic massage leaves one in a state of restful bliss and physical well being.


Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Successful therapy for tight upper back and neck due to stress Dr. Maryam has taken me from a very bad back and neck situation to healthy after six sessions of acupuncture. I started not even being able to drive properly as I couldn’t do an over the shoulder check to drive. I visited her after doing chiro and physio, both of these helped but acupuncture solved it. It is also so great being at her clinic where peace and harmony in a beautiful setting prevails.


North Vancouver, BC, Canada

My search for an accomplished DTCM led me to Dr. Mahanian and her peaceful home-based clinic. I was, at the time, experiencing high levels of stress and severe stress-related skin breakouts. Dr. Mahanian used a powerful combination of tools: acupuncture, Chinese herbs and suggestions for simple adjustments to my daily routine to produce dramatic results quickly. The acupuncture treatments created a feeling of instant calm and restfulness which laid the foundation for my path to healing. The comfortable clinic environment and easy conversations I shared with Dr. Mahanian also played an important role. I will confidently go to Dr. Mahanian with any health concern as she is a committed health practitioner who is both professional and caring. She is a gifted listener which allows her to assess (and address) issues effectively and holistically. A visit to this acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic is pure pleasure.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hi Dr. Maryam, I want to let you know that I tested this morning and I found out that I am pregnant (!!) First off – THANK YOU!!! Thank you for making time for me, for keeping faith throughout the process, for listening to my worries and validating my feelings, and for being on my team. I have relied so much on your support, and it means the world to me…..with gratitude…


Kelowna, BC, Canada

“After one and one half years of trying to conceive, visits to the fertility clinic and a three month stint with an acupuncturist who, in the end was not a good fit for me, I found out about Dr. Mahanian through a friend who spoke very highly of her and her work. From the first visit, I immediately knew she was the person I wanted to work with to help me along this very personal and emotional journey. From our first visit, I felt confident in my choice because of Dr. Mahanian’s calm and reassuring manner, her thorough and unhurried approach and her ability to clearly explain her diagnosis and rationale for treatment in a way that I could understand and that made sense for me. (I should mention that I have a strong belief in Chinese medicine from a previous experience approximately 10 years ago where I was successfully treated with herbs and acupuncture by a Chinese doctor. This was for an entirely different issue; a condition of unexplained, and untreatable by western medicine, extreme joint pain and inflammation in both of my arms and hands. This experience left me thankful for the diagnostic capabilities of western medicine, and the wholistic treatment capabilities of Eastern medicine.) Treatment with Dr. Mahanian for me consisted of, initially a very thorough discussion of my medical history, as well as reviewing my current health, monthly cycles and the overall functioning of my “systems” e.g. digestion, elimination etc. This initial visit was followed by weekly visits where Dr. Mahanian and I would continually review my progress, discuss any changes I was experiencing, and as well I would have acupuncture and receive a new “concoction” of herbs suited to my body’s needs and to the time in my monthly cycle. Through this process I learned that many of the monthly symptoms I had experienced for many years (PMS, depression, severe cramping) could be either lessened or eliminated by Chinese medicine. During the first few months, I noticed changes in my monthly cycles including no more clotting while I was bleeding, less emotional ups and downs before and during my period and less painful periods. I also became aware, through charting my cycle that the treatment was affecting my cycle by making it more “balanced” (my daily temperatures evened out to plot a more “classic” graph pattern; my cycles became much more regular – reduced from a 33 to 36 day cycle to a 28 to 29 day cycle). I was feeling good and was feeling empowered that, while the main focus was conception, most importantly I was improving my overall health and could feel and see the results (as well be thrilled to realize that with a more normal cycle length, this gave me at least one more ovulation opportunity each year!). After about 3 months of treatment I was completely taken aback to learn I was pregnant! I attribute my success to the kind, compassionate and skillful work of Dr. Mahanian, and how we collaborated to improve my health and my chances for successful conception. As I write, I am now 6 and 1/2 months pregnant and thrilled for this opportunity to grow and nurture a new life and bring a new being into this world. As I progress through this journey, I have become very aware of how important it was for me to find a practitioner who, as well as having the necessary knowledge and expertise to address my condition, also has a gentle, personal touch that Dr. Mahanian has, which helped instill in me confidence in myself, that I was doing all I could to promote my health and my chances of becoming pregnant. Thank you Dr. Mahanian for your part in our little miracle”.

T.R. (Age 39)

Vancouver, BC, Canada

I’ve come to see Dr. Mahanian regarding fertility problem. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for quite some time and without success, it started to bother us. We decided to look into alternative medicine thinking if it works it would be a gentler, more conservative way. Dr. Mahanian treated me with acupuncture and prescribed some herbal tea as well as gave me some advice on better lifestyle and diet. Every time I came for the treatments she always made me feel relax and forget about everything else. She is always gentle and took time to explain things and be there to answer my questions. Eventually, because we were so eager to start a family, we tried In Vitro Fertilization. We conceived with the first cycle we tried, thanks to Dr. Mahanian whom helped us prepared my body and hormone level for the IVF treatment. I truly believe that the acupuncture treatments complement the IVF treatment and made things went smoothly. The day that I was having my embryo transfer back into my uterus was a busy Saturday which Dr. Mahanian did try to change her schedule around and accommodate me to be able to come in and get the acupuncture done before and right after the embryo transfer. (This was shown in several researches to increase the success rate of embryo implantation.) Not only the acupuncture did help us to succeed in our pregnancy, it helped me relax and being able to cope with nervousness on such a big day! After we’ve found out that we are finally pregnant, I still went back for acupuncture treatment through my first trimester. And I have an easy, wonderful pregnancy, with minimal morning sickness and discomfort. I believe acupuncture did balanced out my overall wellbeing. And Dr. Mahanian made me feel at ease with the treatment. It was always a pleasure to come see her and just listen to her soothing music and relax (or most of the time fell asleep) until the session was done. Plus the staffs were all very helpful. Thank you again Dr. Mahanian.

A.G. (Age 34)

Vancouver, BC, Canada

The best results! I have been to a few different acupuncturists and have never had the results like I do with Dr. Mahanian. I suffer from chronic headaches and I have significant improvements after my acupuncture sessions over the years. Dr. Mahanian has a true passion for what she does and her experience goes unmatched. I would highly recommend her for anyone in need.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thank you so much for treating me so successfully for my perimenopausal symptoms. The absence of hot flashes, headaches and sleep problems has definitely improved my quality of life! I felt better pretty much immediately! I have not had a hot flash since and highly recommend your treatments!


North Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have been going to Dr. Mahanian for acupuncture sessions for many months, and it has been a great experience. Not only does the treatment work (both facial and others) but it is a pleasure as well. She is extremely professional and the whole experience is really wonderful–needles and all!


Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I have been receiving acupuncture from Dr. Mahanian for about 6 months now – approximately twice per month. The reasons for my treatment are strictly preventative / health promotion related, as i do not currently have any acute or chronic health issues. I have found Dr. Mahanian’s personal approach to her practice to be very compassionate and therapeutic in itself. The acupuncture therapy, although a “foreign” sensation at first, has never hurt – in fact, on the contrary, i look forward to each session as they seem to become increasingly more relaxing and enjoyable. I do not suffer from any neuro / vascular health issues but i have noticed improvements in my circulation and sensation, especially to my legs and arms – therefore, I am sure that anyone suffering from peripheral vascular disease or any sort of neuropathy would greatly benefit from these treatments. Although my baseline concentration and stress levels are usually “healthy”, I have noticed improvements in these areas with the acupuncture. I am more relaxed in general and have also noticed an improvement in my concentration level. Although a “healthy” person prior to commencing acupuncture, I have noticed marked increases in the functioning of my peripheral nervous system, circulation, mood, and concentration level. Therefore, I would recommend to anyone to try acupuncture therapy, by itself or as a complement to other therapies – for acute or chronic ailments, or for health promotion reasons. Although I noticed the benefits of the treatment immediately, they seem to be getting better and better each time. I recommend at least a few months of therapy before evaluating its efficacy, as its therapeutic effect seems to be cumulative in nature.”

J.C., R.N., B.N., B.B.A. (Age 32)

Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Dr. Mahanian was very helpful in treating my problem with clammy hands. Her treatments have also improved my overall health and wellness. As a result, my confidence, both in professional and social settings, has improved significantly”.

L.B. (Age 23)

Vancouver, BC, Canada

“For years, I had been plagued with digestive troubles, joint pain, and acne – if you would believe it – all before the age of 24. No matter what the doctors prescribed, my problems persisted, if not worsened, only because my doctors just did not know what to do. When Dr. Mahanian began treating me, I was shocked to find out that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, all of my ailments were related! And upon treatments with herbs and acupuncture, as well as Dr. Mahanian’s diet advice, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING has been relieved. I don’t even know what to complain about anymore! I trust a science that has been around for thousands of years more than a science that has only been around for decades, and that is Traditional Chinese Medicine.”


North Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I have been suffering with migraines for about 20 years. Sometimes the migraines are so debilitating that I miss work. I find that advil takes sometimes a whole day to take effect and am apprehensive of taking stronger pain killers as I am aware of the potential side effects. I have recently started getting acupuncture and chinese herbs from Dr. Mahanian and have found it to be so helpful. Being on the herbal medicine, I find that I don’t get the migraines as often anymore and it has benefitted my overall energy level and health as well. The acupuncture is quite amazing in that it can actually immediately take the tightness and pain away during a migraine attack. I now encourage my family and friends to try acupuncture & chinese medicine too”.

P.M. (Age 37)

Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Currently I am 27 years old and have been struggling with acne for 15 years. Besides my family doctor, I had gone to several dermatologists who had perscribed all sorts of drugs ranging from birth control to antibiotics. The results left no permanent solution to my problem, and had only done physical harm internally. It was not until I had pursued Chinese Medicine combined with acupuncture, that I had seen amazing improvement and consistent results with my acne. The treatments had even erased harsh scars that I might have used laser skin treatment for. Energy levels, better sleeping patterns, and overall health were additional results to the treatment as well. I have, and highly recommend the approach of Chinese medicine and acupuncture for skin treatment. “

T.Z. (Age 27)

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dear Dr. Maryam, You are the best! I feel like a different person today!!! No stress at all and happy!


North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dr. Mahanian is the best acupuncturist in the Greater Vancouver area. I badly injured my wrist & consequently suffered from severe pain & swelling to a point that I could barely move my hand. Dr. Mahanian healed my wrist & lower arm in 3 sessions within just over a week. She is the most knowledgable, experienced and friendly therapist I have ever been to. I have been to other acupuncturists but none of their treatments were even remotely as effective as Dr. Mahanian’s. I would gladly refer her to anyone.


Port Moody, BC, Canada

Acupuncture Works! I have chronic back issues and visit Dr. Maryam on a regular basis for therapy. She is extremely personable, caring and dedicated. Her technique is simply amazing. She is always able to locate the knots, pinched nerves or spasms in my back to relieve pain or stiffness, usually within one or two sessions.


North Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I had been struggling with frequent breakouts of acne for many years and my scars would take such a long time to heal. I didn’t think my skin would ever become clear. I didn’t want to take medications like accutane because of all of the scary side effects so I decided to try the natural route. I was introduced to Chinese Medicine by a friend who had had a similar acne problem. Dr. Mahanian prescribed a Chinese herbal formula and advised me in detail on my diet. Within 3 days I noticed my scars were healing and new breakouts weren’t coming on. I stayed on the herbs for 2 weeks and kept up with my diet and my skin showed a dramatic improvement. Now I have people telling me that I have “beautiful skin”…it feels great!”

R.H. (Age 25)

North Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Although I am an esthetician with a lot of experience in skin care, no matter what products I would try, my skin never felt smooth and was constantly covered in small and large blemishes. I was introduced to Chinese Medicine by a friend who had had a similar acne problem. Dr. Maryam told me that although keeping the skin clean and using good products was important, I would also need to treat my body internally. It took only 4 days of the Chinese herbs for me and my friends and co-workers to start noticing the improvement in the blemish scars and the texture of my skin!”

S.D. (Age 27)

Montreal, QB, Canada

“Dr. Mahanian, DTCM RAc, provided me with excellent patient care in the form of acupuncture for muscle injury and pain, herbs for organ and blood disorder, and massage for both. All remedies were very effective and rapidly brought relief where all other modalities of medicine had failed. Dr. Mahanian comes highly recommended — after five years of ill health, I feel significantly better, thanks to the healing she has provided.”

E.B. Ph.D. (Age 32)

Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I was suffering from muscle aches and extreme fatigue for over a year due to food allergies. Then I started Acupuncture treatments and Chinese Herbal Medicine and within a month I noticed great improvement with my muscles and fatigue. I felt a lot more energy, and along with a healthier diet was able to get back to my regular lifestyle that I had before these health problems started. Today, I have no muscle aches and fatigue, as well I have overcome many of my food allergies and am able to eat more regularly.”

J.A. (Age (24)

Surrey, BC, Canada

“When I was 25 years old, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The doctors prescribed a very aggressive chemotherapy regimen. I was scared when they told me about the symptoms that I would experience and the many drugs that I would need to take to relieve these symptoms (which weren’t without side effects of their own). A certain anti-nausea drug caused me to have anxiety, sleeplessness, and lockjaw to name a few. The only relief I had was with the treatments I received from Dr. Mahanian. When my symptoms were at their worst right after a dose of chemotherapy, Dr. Mahanian inserted the acupuncture needles and almost immediately my symptoms of nausea, anxiety, and restlessness were relieved and I was actually able to sleep at night. Before this, I had little experience with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, but now I strongly believe that it should be included in all cancer therapies.”

P.A. (Age (24)

Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I first sought out acupuncture after becoming afflicted with facial eczema. My face hurt, especially the mouth area and forehead. Facial expressions, even chewing food was painful. Any movement felt terrible. My skin was raw and burning and infections became a concern of mine because the skin was so inflamed. I had to retreat from work, social gatherings and actually many things I enjoy. Although I have always looked to natural therapies in the past, I avoided acupuncture due to my dislike of needles. I overcame that idea after my first treatment. There is no pain or discomfort in receiving the acu-needle. Maryam instructs on breathing as the needles are inserted and a breathing rhythm is established that is deep and relaxing. Acupuncture has helped me to reconnect with myself. It stimulates an energy that feels fluid, free from the memory of the problem. The mind and body are refreshed in a manner that allows healing to happen and in conjunction with the Chinese Herbal Medicine, balance is restored. One takes an active role in the process. Maryam is a keen professional who listens, looks, and guides the healing process. She is a very knowledgeable, sensitive, trustworthy healer and her treatments worked very well for me. Now I go occasionally to maintain and nurture balance within and I like the treatments, even the herbs. I have recommended this to family and friends. Thank-you Maryam.” Sincerely Grateful,


Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Acupuncture has helped me tremendously with my ability to get through my days comfortably as I get it done to reduce the pain I have associated with my menstrual cycle. In the past, I got severe cramps and wouldn’t be able to function normally unless I took pharmaceutical drugs such as Naproxen (an anti-inflammatory), or large amounts of Ibuprofen. I also had a problem with my lower back & some days wouldn’t be able to stand up properly because of the pain in one of my lower vertebrae. After getting a few treatments of acupuncture along with some acupressure massage, the pain has completely disappeared. Sometimes from standing all day at my job, I get pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades. Every once in awhile, I’ll go in and get a treatment with needles in that area with some massage & I’ll feel great for weeks after with no complications. I have found that the treatments along with the herbs have helped me feel more alert & my energy has increased to a healthy level. I no longer feel as tired as I used to. I also found that if I’m feeling stressed during the week, acupuncture is a really great way to alleviate the stress associated with everyday life.”

N.F. (Age 24)

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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