Online Assessment of Premenstrual Acne

What’s Your Premenstrual Acne Type?  Take this online assessment to find out, plus get customized diet and lifestyle recommendations.


What's Your Premenstrual Acne Type?
Take this Assessment to Find Out

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) considers the whole person when it comes to treating all health conditions. This includes acne around the menstrual period. TCM considers the presentation of the acne, skin type, hormonal and digestive health, and even the state of your emotional well being. All of this information leads a TCM practitioner like myself to identify the individual’s pattern of disharmony.

By identifying your pattern of disharmony, we are able to give customized care and individualized health care plans.

Take this online assessment to find out your personal acne type and get customized diet and lifestyle recommendations. These recommendations are easy to implement and provide an important step to correcting your hormonal imbalance and clearing your skin.

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