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Author: Dr. Maryam Mahanian, DTCM, RAc

In this article, I share my top 7 secrets to preventing menstrual problems

These seven nuggets of advice come from a renowned contemporary Chinese gynecologist named Han Bai-Ling, a professor and author. He wrote a book called Bai Ling Fu Ke which translates into Bai Ling’s Gynecology.

These nuggets originated from the wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine which although date back thousands of years they are absolutely still useful and relevant today in our modern world.

Let’s get right into these powerful tips.

Avoid excess lingering of emotions like anger, fear, worry/thought, grief, melancholy and even joy

Why? Well two reasons. The first reason is that these emotions in excess will have a negative impact on the flow of Qi. Qi is loosely translated as “energy” that moves through channels or meridians in the body along with the blood. An adequate amount of Qi and good flow of Qi is vital to good health. Anger can cause the Qi to go upward while fear causes the Qi to go downward. Since the Qi moves the blood, then over time these counterflows of Qi will have a negative impact on the flow of blood.

The second reason is that over time, an overabundance of these emotions can cause too much heat in the body. Heat causes the blood to move outside of its pathways causing bleeding. This results in heavy flow or spotting during mid-cycle or premenstrually.

So you need to make some changes in your life to find a better balance to your emotions.

Avoid getting too tired or fatigued prior to or during your period

This can cause a deficiency of Qi (energy) and the Qi won’t then be able to contain the blood and fluids within the body. The result is heavy period flow, abnormal vaginal discharge and even prolapse of the uterus. 

Tired or fatigued Woman

Don’t dwell on negative thoughts and frustrations

This causes liver congestion and blockage of Qi in the body which then leads to blood stagnation. Blood stagnation shows up as spotting, heavy periods, painful periods, delayed periods or no periods. 

Avoid cold, chilled and uncooked foods prior to or during your period and also avoid excessive cold from your environment

Cold prevents the blood from moving properly and leads to painful periods, delayed periods or masses.

Cold foods and fertility and women's health

Avoid having sex during your period

This can lead to spotting, heavy periods, abnormal vaginal discharge, painful periods, delayed or no periods and masses.

Avoid vigorous exercise during your period

It will be important to avoid too much vigorous exercise during your period to prevent Qi and blood from leaving their pathways. This erratic flow of Qi can result in heavy bleeding, premenstrual or mid-cycle spotting. 

Tough Vigorous Exercise

Healthy diet and physical lifestyle

Eat and drink moderately.  Maintain regular waking and sleeping hours. And change your state of mind and try to be happy more often.  Of course, these particular tips are applicable to all health problems and not just for menstruation. 

In Support,

Dr. Maryam

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