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Ask Yourself

  1. Are you and your partner planning on starting a family or have already started trying to conceive?

  2. Is it taking longer than you thought it would for your partner to get pregnant?

  3. Are you feeling frustrated, impatient and discouraged? 

  4. Are you trying to start your family a little later in life and have been told that time is not on your side?

  5. Do you feel helpless every time your partner’s pregnancy test comes out negative

  6. You’re told you have low sperm count, low sperm motility or low semen volume.

  7. Do you have low testosterone levels?

  8. Have all of your tests and examinations come out fine and you can’t understand why your partner is still not pregnant?

  9. Do you get regular acupuncture treatments and want to know what you can do between acupuncture visits to enhance the effectiveness of the treatments?

  10. Are you looking for an alternative to acupuncture because you don’t have access to acupuncture in your area? 

  11. Do you want to have peace of mind that you’re doing your part in boosting your fertility? 

  12. Maybe you haven’t started trying yet but want to plan ahead and get your body prepared for the time that you and your partner do start trying for children?  

  13. Do you want to have better practical knowledge and proven every-day tools to use at home? 

Male Fertility & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Male factor infertility is responsible for up to 40% of infertility cases. There seems to be a general decline in male fertility over the years and although medical professionals have some theories, they are still not sure exactly the cause. Even though many are aware of these facts, men are still often left out of the equation. 

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has proven, simple and powerful methods to boost male fertility. The area of fertility, male and female, is an area where TCM shines and has been used for centuries.

One of the reasons TCM is such an effective medical system is because it uses a customized approach to treatment. In this course, you’ll be able to identify your fertility type and implement tips and tools according to your constitution. Another reason TCM is effective is because it can identify the correct imbalances. If your bloodwork and semen analysis have come out clean but you and your partner are still struggling to conceive a child, you can be sure that TCM can find slight imbalances and give you simple but powerful ways to correct these imbalances. 

TCM can help to increase hormone levels, including testosterone. It can improve the health of your sperm, decrease stress and anxiety, improve sexual performance and increase vitality. 

Whether you have been told that there is room for improvement for your sperm quality or you’ve been told that nothing is wrong and to just keep trying, TCM can help you and you’re a good candidate for this course.

Digital Course Overview

The content in this pre-recorded course will unravel the unique perspectives of Chinese medicine and it’s view of male reproduction and your ability to improve your fertility. It will give you practical and effective tools, techniques and knowledge that you can put into practice at home right away. These are time-tested, proven tools based on thousands of years of experience.

The course will walk you through some introductory material that will inform you about what’s involved in Chinese medicine, it’s unique view of the male reproductive system and your fertility, and why it’s the basis for this unique course.  

This course involves a series of videos that you can watch at your own pace from home or from wherever you are. This course is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It enables you to discern your customized fertility type and implement Chinese medicine tips and tools that are customized to your constitution

The course delves into everything from healthy habits and rituals, lifestyle tips, Chinese medicine nutrition and food cures, tips on eating, what foods to include and avoid, managing stress and anxiety, your sleepexercise, simplifying your vitamin supplements and best of all proven self-acupressure techniques. 

The course content is supplemented with systematic self treatment how-to videos and downloadable PDF cheat sheets. 

I have distilled my knowledge and experience from the past two decades of practicing Chinese Medicine into an easy to follow, digestible, informative, safe and effective program.  

This self treatment course will only give you positive results and give you peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to boost your fertility.

Stop doing nothing and just hoping for the best. Take charge of your fertility. It’s in your hands.

There’s no better time than now to work on your fertility, your health and the start of your family!  

Sample Screenshots of Course

Welcome Video Sample Slide

Male Fertility Welcome Video Sample

Video Lesson (Sample Slide)

Male Fertility Video Lesson Sample 5

Video Lesson (Sample Slide)

Male Fertility Video Lesson Sample 3

Self-Acupressure How-to Videos

Male Fertility Video Lesson Sample 1

Self-Acupressure How-to Videos

Male Fertility Video Lesson How-To Sample 2

Self-Acupressure How-to Videos

Male Fertility Video Lesson How-To Sample 3

Video Lesson (Sample Slide)

Male Fertility Video Lesson How-To Sample 1

Sample PDF Guide

Recipe Video Sample Slide

Male Fertility Video Lesson - Congee recipe

and much more…

Course Topics

Male Fertility Course Topics

Video: Welcome Remarks

Video Lesson: Chinese Medicine Perspective Part 1
PDF Guide: Chinese Medicine Perspective
Video Lesson: Chinese Medicine Perspective Part 2

Video Lesson: Your Customized Fertility Type
QUIZ: What Fertility Type are You?

Video Lesson: Supplements Simplified
PDF Guide: Supplements Simplified
Male Fertility Product Links

Video Lesson 4.1: Diet & Nutrition – General Recommendations
PDF Guide: Diet – General Recommendations
Video Lesson 4.2: Diet & Nutrition – Blocked Type
PDF Guide: Diet for Blocked Type
Video Lesson 4.3: Diet & Nutrition – Kidney Yin Deficiency Type
PDF Guide: Diet for Kidney Yin Deficiency Type
Video Lesson 4.4: Diet & Nutrition – Kidney Yang Deficiency Type
PDF Guide: Diet for Kidney Yang Deficiency Type

Video Lesson 5.1: Self-Acupressure to Boost Male Fertility
Self-Acupressure How-To Video: Top of Head
Self-Acupressure How-To Video: Abdomen
Self-Acupressure How-To Video: Abdomen
Self-Acupressure How-To Video: Inner Ankle
Self-Acupressure How-To Video: Inner Ankle
PDF Guide: Self Acupressure to Boost Male Fertility
Video Lesson 5.2: Self-Acupressure for Your Fertility Type
Blocked Type Self-Acupressure How-To Video: Feet
Blocked Type Self-Acupressure How-To Video: Hands
PDF Guide: Self Acupressure for Blocked Fertility Type
Kidney Yin Deficient Type Self-Acupressure How-To Video: Inner Knee
PDF Guide: Self Acupressure for Kidney Yin Deficiency Fertility Type
Kidney Yang Deficient Type Self-Acupressure How-To Video: Inner Ankle
Kidney Yang Deficient Type Self-Acupressure How-To Video: Outer Legs
PDF Guide: Self Acupressure for Kidney Yang Deficiency Fertility Type

Video Lesson 6.0: Male Fertility Lifestyle Tips
PDF Guide: Lifestyle Tips
Congee: How-to Video Tutorial
Bone Broth: How-to Video Tutorial

Video: Closing Remarks

How do I get started?

Just click on the enroll button and follow the easy steps to get started. 

As soon as you enroll in the Male Fertility Self Treatment course, you can begin your journey to improving your fertility and your overall health and starting your family. 

You’ll have access to all recorded videos, instructional how-to tutorials and supplementary pdf cheat sheets. 

That’s it! It’s that simple! 

You will have unlimited access to this program as long as the program exists. You and your partner will be able to come back to the video tutorials in this course again and again as much as you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a pre-recorded course that gives you tips and tools to improve your health from home. This can be streamed from your phone, tablet or computer.

No problem. This course is especially created for you. Because this course is pre-recorded, you can enroll in the course no matter where you live.

This course is for men who want to boost their fertility and their overall health. Others can also take this course and learn the tools and use what they learn on their male partner.

It doesn’t matter what age you are. Any age can benefit from the tips and techniques taught in this course.

Yes. This course is not only for men who have less than optimal sperm health. This course is also for men who have been told their tests are normal as it boosts your fertility and health from no matter what your starting point is.

Yes definitely! This course is for those who have been trying without success and also for those who wish to prepare their bodies before actively trying to conceive.

You will learn step-by-step tools and techniques to boost your fertility and your health. These tools include self-acupressure, diet changes and lifestyle tips all customized to your fertility type.

No. A key philosophy in Chinese medicine is moderation. The suggestions in this course are all about carrying out a simple healthy way of living. The tips are easy to implement and sustainable.

Watch the video tutorials at your own pace and in a way that you can digest the material easily. Take your time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Yes. This course will only enhance the effectiveness of your acupuncture visits.

No. If acupuncture is available to you, please do get regular acupuncture treatments. I highly encourage you to do so.

You have unlimited lifetime access to this program as long as the course exists.

You’ll learn Chinese medicine tips and tools including self-acupressure how-to tutorials, dietary, lifestyle and supplement advice.  Everything you learn will be customized to your fertility type.

All you need to take this course is a tablet, computer or phone and internet service. 

We welcome any feedback, questions or concerns you may have. Please email us at your convenience.

Still have questions?

Try my complimentary 15 minute Male Fertility question and answer consultation over the phone or video conference

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Here’s what my male patients are saying about the course to boost male Fertility!

Jeff H.

North Vancouver, BC, Canada

In the Male Fertility Self-Treatment Course, Dr. Maryam does an excellent job of condensing and simplifying a lot of valuable information into a series of well-produced videos and helpful quick-reference materials. Her explanations are easy to understand and the course itself is laid out in a way that makes it possible to stop and start at your own pace. I was particularly impressed by the lessons on Self-Acupressure, which is rarely mentioned elsewhere, but easy to do at home after learning the techniques in her course. I'd recommend this program to anyone who's considering or currently working on getting pregnant. My wife and I have been trying for a couple of years and it's the kind of information we wish we'd had at the start of our journey.

Enroll now to get started on your path to boost your fertility.

*Please Note: The content contained in this digital self-treatment program or any external links, should not be considered as medical advice or diagnosis, nor to be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment or expertise. The science of Chinese medicine is intended to complement other forms of medical attention you may be receiving. Every case is unique and this program cannot guarantee a successful outcome. If you believe you have a medical emergency, it is critical that you contact your medical professional right away.

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