What's Your Fertility Type?

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Chinese medicine does not take a one size fits all approach.

Chinese medicine treatments are tailored to the individual person. This means that herbal medicine, acupuncture points chosen, acupressure protocols and dietary and lifestyle advice is all based on which fertility type you fall under.

In most cases, you will fall into more than one fertility type category. This quiz will reveal your top two fertility patterns and provide you with some tips to get you started on your path to motherhood.

Infertility is often due to an accumulation of small imbalances that can add up to one bigger problem. What Chinese medicine is great at doing is fine tuning and correcting these imbalances to improve your fertility and help you get pregnant. This free fertility quiz starts to explain the imbalances in your body and what you can start to do to correct them.

I’ve narrowed down infertility to five main fertility types: Blocked type, Kidney Yang Deficient type, Kidney Yin Deficient type, Blood Deficient type and lastly Damp type.


Blocked type refers to people with Qi (energy) & blood stagnation, particularly involving the liver organ system.

Tired or fatigued Woman


Kidney yang deficient people are low in yang (warming energy) and low in Qi (vital energy).

Young sick woman drinking tea


Kidney Yin deficient people are very dry, hot and their skin ages faster than the average person.


Blood deficiency mean not having enough blood in the body and also having poor quality blood.


Damp types have accumulation of damp-phlegm & sluggish fluids which congest / impair body systems, such as digestive and/or reproductive systems.

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Free 8 Minute Female Fertility Quiz

Reveal your "fertility type"

Learn about imbalances in your body and how to correct them.

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