The Amazing Herbal Formula for Postpartum Health: Sheng Hua Tang

There’s a brilliant Chinese herbal formula that’s given to women after giving birth called Sheng Hua Tang. The name means “generating and transforming decoction” or “Giving birth” decoction. It’s a standard herbal medicine in China and Taiwan taken for one to two weeks immediately following childbirth.

This is the most popular postpartum formula.

Pregnancy and childbirth is very taxing on a woman’s body. It depletes the mother of her Qi (energy) and blood and that leads to blockage/stasis of blood. As the name suggests, Sheng Hua Tang ‘generates and transforms’ meaning that it nourishes and moves the blood. When you get rid of old blood in order to generate new blood, this results in recovery of the whole body.

Other benefits of Sheng Hua Tang’s action in moving and warming blood are uterus involution (contracting the uterus to return it to its normal state), discharge of lochia (vaginal discharge of blood, mucus and uterine tissue which occurs for 4 to 6 weeks following childbirth), warming the uterus, dispelling pain and generating blood. It’s a great formula to also strengthen the immunity of the mother.

Sheng Hua Tang essentially ensures that the uterus is clear, clean and warm after birth. A healthy uterus will have a positive impact on the breast milk and will prevent postpartum fever and depression.

Sheng Hua Tang can also be given to women suffering from post miscarriage or post termination.

Sheng Hua Tang can be taken as a tea and can even be added to nourishing soups and bone broths.

In conjunction with Sheng Hua Tang, I like giving my postpartum patients acupuncture at least once per week following childbirth for several weeks. This will help move and nourish the blood of the mother, bring in breast milk (increasing let down and supply of breast milk), support the mother’s emotions and support physical healing.

The ingredients of this incredible formula are listed below but please keep in mind that TCM doctors often modify it customizing it to the individual. This allows for even greater effectiveness.

Dang Gui (angelica)
Chuan Xiong (ligusticum)
Tao Ren (prunus)
Gan Jiang (zingiber)
Zhi Gan Cao (glycyrrhiza)

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