April 25, 2017

Fertility Acupuncture

You can increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy and have your miracle baby!

Let's work together and be proactive in your fertility journey!

“Hello Dr. Maryam,
Just got back from my appointment. Got to see a BABY with a good strong heartbeat in there!!!
I am hugely relieved.
Thank you for everything. I’m appreciative of your insights and expertise.” 

“Hi Dr. Maryam,
So much to our surprise, I'm pregnant! Can't quite believe it!

I'm grateful for all of your help. ” 

Having a child is such a vital aspect of life for many. Unfortunately, having a child does not just happen easily for everyone. I encourage couples to definitely incorporate Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture in their efforts to enhance fertility.

It causes you to become healthier physically and emotionally along the way not only aiding in conceiving a child but also carrying a healthy child to term.

This Program Can Work For You If....

  • You've been trying to get pregnant but it's taking longer than you thought it would

  • You want to prepare your body for conception and a healthy pregnancy before actively trying to conceive.

  • You suffer from PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Cysts and other reproductive conditions and you don't want them to get in the way of your fertility.

  • All of your blood work and lab results are normal but you're still having difficulty conceiving

  • You have irregular cycles or no cycles

  • You may not be ovulating

  • You've had one or more miscarriages in the past

  • You have high FSH or low AMH

  • Your fertility journey has been causing you a lot of stress

  • You're preparing your body for IUI and/or IVF

  • You have recently come off the birth control pill and had been on it for a long time.

Dr. Maryam's Fertility Program Consists Of....

♦ Fertility Acupuncture

♦ Customized herbal prescription

♦ Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle Counselling

♦ Supplement recommendations

♦ Lots of listening & genuine care

Benefits of Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture For Fertility:

Increases blood flow to the uterus & ovaries
Balances reproductive hormones and the entire endocrine system
Reduces inflammation to aid embryo implantation
Promotes ovulation
Helps thicken the lining of the uterus if it is too thin
Improves function of the ovaries
Offsets effects of stress on the reproductive hormones
Strengthens the immune system
Supports a healthy pregnancy and prevents miscarriages
Treats the side effects of western pharmaceutical medications
Supports and enhances the effectiveness of IVF & IUI
For men, it improves the quality and quantity of sperm

What Does Dr. Maryam's Fertility Program Consist Of?

Your Initial Consultation

Book your initial consultation online and fill out the appropriate paperwork. When you meet with me, we'll do a thorough gynecological history, we'll talk about your menstrual cycles, digestion, body temperature, diet, sleep and any other symptoms you may be experiencing. Your consultation will only consist of questions - there are no physical examinations done.  After I've asked the questions, I will take a quick look at your tongue and take your pulse.

Your Customized Fertility Type

After asking about all of the many intricate details of your body's systems, I'll come up with your customized fertility type. This will be one or a combination of Blocked, Dry, Cold, Damp or Warm. Here's a hint: you will most likely be a combination of more than one fertility type. Your customized treatment plan will cater specifically to the fertility type(s) that you fall into.  

Your Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Protocol

Your Acupuncture/Chinese Herbal Medicine Protocol
The treatment plan typically consists of acupuncture one to two times per week and Chinese herbal medicine. I prefer to start you on your treatments right away on the initial visit.

The Chinese herbal medicine I carry in my clinic are concentrated powdered extracts that are to be mixed in hot water made into an instant herbal tea (very easy) and the acupuncture is so comfortable and relaxing - you will love your treatments! 🙂 

Your treatments are aimed to address any obstacles to your fertility. It stimulates blood flow to the reproductive organs, enhances egg quality, calms stress, nourishes the digestion and balances your hormones and more. 

The amazing thing about Chinese medicine treatments for fertility is that it is CUSTOMIZED. Your treatments are catered to you and you only. It's not a "one size fits all" - making it very effective.

Your Diet & Digestion

Your digestion is so critical to your reproductive system. I can't stress this enough! Not only what you put into your body but also how well your digestive system can absorb what you're putting in is crucial. I'll find out from you what you're eating in a typical day, if you're having any digestive imbalances and I'll give you plenty of dietary tips that you can put into practice right away to nourish your reproductive system and balance your hormones. 

Your Lifestyle & Emotional Well Being

All aspects of your life are important to your health and especially to your fertility, including your lifestyle. This involves exercise, overwork, over-sexual activity, your stress levels and more. I will be here to guide you and give you insight on these areas.

Your Supplements

The right supplements can be very key to your fertility. Having had a lot of experience in the area of nutritional supplementation, I will guide you on what you're already taking and what to add or take away.

Chinese herbal medicine for your hormones

Chinese herbal medicine affects fertility in a variety of ways and have been used for centuries. Unlike western drugs which are chemically based substitutes for the body's natural hormones, Chinese herbs allow the body to produce proper levels of hormones on its own. 

Chinese herbal medicine acts on the endocrine system by doing one or all of these things:

  • Stimulating hormone production
  • Altering rate of hormone metabolism
  • Changing response of hormone receptors

Chinese herbs come in formula's meaning that there are many herbs put together because they work synergistically together. It is very different from going to your local health food store and picking up a single herb which is what most people are used to doing. 

Many of the ingredients in a formula may have little or no hormonal effects but the effect of the entire formula will substantially increase hormone levels.

The herbs can promote ovulation, they can increase cervical mucus, they can even stimulate the uterus or assist in producing adequate progesterone for proper implantation. 

Yes...Chinese herbal medicine is incredible for fertility (and plenty of other women's health issues). 


How Long Will It Take Me To Conceive?

There's a Chinese proverb that states that "when the soil is prepared, the harvest will be bountiful". When trying to conceive, it's important to spend the time to prepare your body to not only be able to conceive but also to be able to carry your healthy baby to term.

The general rule of thumb is that at least three months is needed to regulate your menstrual cycle, mature and nourish your eggs, balance the hormones, thicken the uterine lining and to free the flow of blood sending nourishment, hormones and oxygen to your uterus and ovaries.  Of course, if you have an irregular menstrual cycle or have experienced previous miscarriage(s), we may need a longer amount of time to balance & replenish your endocrine system. 

Dr. Maryam's Fertility Program & Your IUI/IVF Treatments

Using acupuncture with IVF can greatly increase the success rates. It has shown to increase the effectiveness of IVF by fifty percent!

I believe that eastern and western medicine can be a beautiful union and bring excellent results...especially in the area of IVF.

Ovaries ultrasounds of women who have had acupuncture show that the color of women’s ovaries change from cloudy to bright and clear, the follicles usually double in number, the lining of the uterus becomes thicker and the number of embryos increases significantly. On top of all of that, women generally experience less side effects from the hormones that they’re put on.

Keep in mind that the treatments you receive prior to IVF is important to properly set yourself up for a successful retrieval and transfer. I recommend that we begin Chinese medical treatment at least for 3 months prior (ideally).

After a positive pregnancy test, I like to continue your treatments for the first trimester to prevent miscarriage and to set you up for the healthiest most comfortable pregnancy possible.

For more details on how acupuncture & Chinese medicine increases the effectiveness of IVF & IUI, please see my IVF BLOG POST


More and more research studies are concluding the positive effects of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for fertility.

A December 2002 study at Weill Medical College of Cornell University on the role of acupuncture in the treatment of female infertility stated, “There is sufficient evidence of acupuncture’s value to expand its use into conventional medicine and treatment of female infertility.

According to Psychology Today, “as many as three quarters of people undergoing western treatments for infertility use some form of alternative therapy as well.”

In 1996, the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations endorsed acupuncture treatment for a wide range of conditions, including reproductive problems like infertility, impotence, PMS, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and many more.

There are plenty of more research studies that have been carried out proving the effectiveness of acupuncture during IVF cycles that I've not listed here.

Acupuncture Lowers Stress

We live very stressful lives and going through the fertility journey adds to this stress considerably. Whether you've been trying to conceive for years, you're going through the process of an IUI/IVF, or you're anxious about how long it will take you to conceive if you've just begun....it is all stressful. 

When the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated constantly with stress, the reproductive system (the ovaries and uterus) is starved of its fuel. Its blood supply is diverted away and the hormones become unstable. In recent years, researchers have found a strong link between stress and infertility.

Acupuncture can do wonders for lowering stress levels. Many patients report lowered stress almost immediately following acupuncture treatments! It shifts your nervous system from a sympathetic state (fight or flight) to a parasympathetic state. When your body is in a parasympathetic state, your other systems (like your reproductive system) are nourished and balanced and work properly...the way nature intended. 

How Acupuncture Helps Infertility

Fertility Blog Posts by Dr. Maryam

If you'd like to learn more about your health & fertility, you can take some time and read some of Dr. Maryam's past blog posts. Enjoy!

The first step in taking part in my Fertility Program is to book an initial visit through the online booking calendar. You can also contact me by email if you have any questions or concerns. I understand that addressing your fertility concerns and seeing me may be a big step for you...so please feel free to contact me. I'm here to help!

Thank you for your interest in Dr. Maryam's Fertility Program!

With Warmth &  Compassion,

Dr. Maryam

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