October 17, 2019

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Dr. Maryam Mahanian is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and registered Acupuncturist in beautiful Deep Cove - North Vancouver BC Canada.

Could you perhaps have LOW PROGESTERONE?

Unfortunately, low progesterone can be a cause of difficulty getting pregnant, irregular periods & PMS. It can also cause anxiety, low spirits, insomnia, weight gain, cellulite (ugh!), fluid retention, brain fog, sagging skin, thyroid issues, bone problems and annoying hot flashes.

Some signs are low BBT temperatures during the luteal phase of your cycle, spotting for several days before your period starts, or perhaps your luteal phase (second half of your cycle) is shorter in duration than your follicular phase (first half of your cycle).

The biggest cause of low progesterone is STRESS! Cortisol (the stress hormone) steals progesterone. If you've heard of adrenal fatigue..this is where it comes in.

This helpful article suggests these supplements to help with low progesterone:
🌞 Vitamin C
🌞 Zinc
🌞 Magnesium
🌞 Vitamin E
🌞 Vitamin B6
🌞 Good healthy fats
🌞 Fiber
🌞 L-Arginine


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Clomid stimulates follicular growth and ovulation. This recent research study compared those receiving acupuncture with those taking Clomid and found that the rates of ovulation were the same in both groups but the acupuncture group had "greater follicular diameters, higher rates of pregnancy, and lower rates of subsequent miscarriage". You can read more details here 😊

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Some larger women seeking out fertility treatments have been turned away. Dr. Paul Magarelli explains in this 10 minute interview that this should NOT be the case. There's only a 7% difference in pregnancy outcomes for women with lower BMI versus higher BMI.



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"Abundant lung energy presents itself as strong physical energy. There is a sense of softness yet fullness in the chest. In the lung’s most healthy state, immunity is strong, recovery from illness is quick and effective, skin is hydrated and the complexion is bright and fresh. Body posture is another physical expression of the state of the lungs, so a strong posture shows healthy lung energy. If lung health is weak, it will present as low energy and a poor immune system. Breathing may be shallow, and skin may appear unhealthy because energy and blood circulation may be weak. Also, emotions in the form of sadness and grief are expressions of lung energy."

Anne Hathaway talks about her fertility journey...❤️

“I was just aware of the fact that when it came time to post that I was pregnant, somebody was going to feel even more isolated because of it,” Hathaway said. “And I just wanted them to know they have a sister in me.”


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